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Sails from ELLIOTT / PATTISON SAILMAKERS represent an outstanding value in today's market. We have been in business since 1971 and during that time have earned a global reputation for quality designed, custom built racing, cruising, and multihull sails. All of our sails are custom designed for your boat and sailing conditions for performance and quality you can trust.

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Trans Pac 2019 - Callisto 1st Place Cal 40 Class and 10th Overall. Congratulations to the Eddy family and crew!

Check out a brief history of our involvement with NACRA Catamarans - by Skip Elliott

Code Blue Code Blue 1st Place Capri 25 Star of the North Championship-PowerPath Carbon/Black Aramid Main & Genoa             
Carbon / Aramid PowerPath Mainsail

Jeanneau 49DS Carbon LS In-Boom Furling Mainsail.

 Race Updates:                                                            * denotes partial Inventory

 Capri 30 Discover                         J130 Sirocco
PowerPath Main and Genoa                                      AP #1 PowerPath Carbon Genoa and GPL Carbon Main        
CLICK to see Full Size Image                                   Photo Credit: Mikey Foxtrot Images  

EP Sails take 1-2-3 in the 6.7 meter class at the 2018 America's Landsailing Cup
Click <HERE> for more information

Here is a nice set of 2018 results and a few comments from a Capri 30 Discover in Toledo, OH:
North Cape Yacht Club - Champagne Series - 1st
     North Cape Yacht Club -  Commodore Perry Race - 1st Overall
     Sandusky Sailing Club - Stein-Hospice Cup - 1st Overall
     Monroe Boat Club - Race for the Sisters - 1st
     Inter-Lake Yachting Association - Deepwater Race - 1st Overall
     Inter-lake Yachting Association - Regatta - 1st
     Ford yacht Club - FYC Regatta - 1st
     Port Clinton Yacht Club - Green Island Race - 1st
     North Cape Yacht Club - MidChannel Race - 1st
     North Cape Yacht Club Wednesday Night Race Series - 1st

Choosing a sailmaker is a scrupulous task.  It’s not only about who makes a sail and for what price.  It involves finding someone who can build the absolute best product, consult not only on the products but also on the boat and sailing in general, show you tricks of the trade and be on the team with you.  It means finding someone who gets to know you and your program and can recommend how make your goals a reality.  Elliott/Pattison Sailmakers does all of this and more.  The result is a fast boat and a lot of fun.

The most sincere words come from our competition:  how can you get that boat to point so high without loosing any speed?  -  How does that boat go so fast?  -  We can’t win if you’re out there…

 A really good set of sails is behind all of these comments.

 Thanks Harry, for being on the team…
 Matt Kern - Discover - Capri 30 #65376   


2017 Star of the North Regatta
Code Blue - 1st Place - Bill  Brennom and Family *

2017 NALSA America's Landsailing Cup:
Terry Fullbright - 1st
      Mark Harris - 2nd
      Howard Haupt - 3rd

2017 America's Schooner Cup:
     Rose of Sharon -  1st Overall, 1st Class A
     Curlew - 2nd Overall, 2nd Class A

2017 LAYC Griffith Series: Limitless - 1st Overall

2017 Cabrillo Beach YC Opening Day Regatta: Cal 20's - 1st and 2nd

2017 Southern California PHRF Championship: Random Leg - 2nd - Stray Dog

2017 Banshee One Design:
        Camellia Cup: Craig Lee - 1st in Class and 1st Overall
        High Sierra Regatta: Charles Witcher - 1st in Class

 2016 Pacific Cup: Congratulations to Shawn Ivie and Crew!
       Express 37 Limitless - 1st Division C, 4th Overall!

2016 Single Handed Transpac: Joe Barry on his Express 37
        Pakala - 2nd in Class 

2016 Capri 25 Star of the North Championship: E/P sails on top 4 out of 5 places
       Code Blue - 1st Place - Bill  Brennom and Family *
       Lickety Split - 2nd Place - Odell Tuttle *
       Catapult III - 3rd place - Joel Ronning*
       Maverick - 5th Place - Hermann Klaas

2016 J109 Class
       Electra - Tom Brott - 1st Place - Long Beach Race Week

2016 Islands Race
     Flaquita - Paul Casanova - 3rd in Class, 4th Overall * 

2015 Cabo San Lucas Race:
     Flaca - 3rd 50 Class

2015 America's Schooner Cup:
     Curlew - 2nd Class A
     Rose of Sharon - 3rd Class A
     Lively - 3rd Class B

America's Land Sailing Cup:
     7.6 meter Class - 1st - 2nd - 3rd
     5.6 meter Class - 2nd
     Class 3 - 3rd 

E/P Asymmetric Spinnaker Use Guide

Chris Welsh
has written an incredible chapter to the long and famous history of the Spencer 64 Ragtime. After undertaking an extensive restoration and update with the help of Alan Andrews Yacht Design, and working
comprehensively with Elliott / Pattison Sailmakers to develop new sail inventories for both the Tahiti Race and the Sydney Hobart Race, he has sailed her to an enviable record in 2008.

The final tally:
1st Overall, LA-Tahiti, 3600 miles
1st Overall, Coastal Classic/Bay of Islands Race, 130 miles
2nd Overall, White Island Race, 350 miles
1st, Div 2, Sydney-Hobart, 630 miles
1st, Anniversary Day Race
1st, Millennium Cup Pacific Division
1st, Classic Series

Photo credit:
David Bray Yachts

PowerPath Membrane Sails
  Antrim 50 Blade           ILC 40 Mainsail                   Olson 911S #1                     Olson 911S #1
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