Choosing a sailmaker is a scrupulous task. It’s not only about who makes a sail and for what price. It involves finding someone who can build the absolute best product, consult not only on the products but also on the boat and sailing in general, show you tricks of the trade and be on the team with you. It means finding someone who gets to know you and your program and can recommend how to make your goals a reality. Elliott/Pattison Sailmakers does all of this and more. The result is a fast boat and a lot of fun.

The most sincere words come from the competition: how can you get that boat to point so high without loosing any speed? – How does that boat go so fast? – We can’t win if you’re out there…

A really good set of sails is behind all of these comments.

Thanks Harry, for being on the team…

Matt Kern
Discover – 65376


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