Star Radial Spinnakers

Radial Spinnakers are nothing new.  It’s the ability to match thread alignment with sail loading; through careful orientation of radial and vertical panels that sets our Star Radial Spinnaker apart.

  • Designed with a minimum of load bearing seams and our exclusive “Load Tape Clews” for greater strength and less weight.
  • Our Flat Panel Development program includes design criteria for horizontal and vertical camber, head angle, cross sectional shape, and edge angles. This matches each spinnaker to your boat’s unique requirements and application.
  • Sail shape is achieved by designing the sail to its “flying shape” and transferring that computer design precisely to the cloth with our Autometrix Computer Cutter.
  • The result is a sail with smooth, powerful shape both horizontally and vertically. A sail that is stable and easy to fly because it wants to take the shape it sails with.
  • FAST out of the bag, and FAST for seasons to come!

“FAST out of the bag, and FAST for seasons to come!”