Dacron Race Mainsails

Designed for the Serious Racer Looking for Top Performance and Value.

Dacron Race Mainsails

Our line of Dacron Race Mains are carefully constructed for the serious racer looking for top performance and value.

Included Features:

  • High performance, low stretch Dacron fabrics woven with the latest generation of go high tenacity yarns.
  • Sail numbers, Insignia, Draft Stripes, Tapered Leech Battens with Full Top Batten if applicable, Tell Tales, and Leech and Foot Lines.
  • Maximum allowable girths, Loose Foot, Cunningham, and Custom Sail Bag.
  • All stainless steel press-in and webbed on corner rings.
  • Computer designed and cut for the ultimate in strength, shape holding, and durability.
  • Quick buckle adjusters on leech and foot lines, in non-catch Velcro flaps.
  • Internal Velcro flap on batten pockets to reduce catching on backstay.
  • Spreader chafe patches as needed.
  • Radial corner patching for the lightest strength and weight.

*Panel Representation Only.  Not to Scale.

“…carefully optimized to whatever rule you race under.”


Racing is where our products are tested and proven; and proven they are!

Whether you race One Design, PHRF, or IMS; around the buoys or offshore, our sails represent proven performance, and quality at great prices!

We use a wide variety of Carbon, Kevlar, Pentex, and Cuben Fiber to produce sails matched to your needs.

Each race sail we build is carefully optimized to whatever rule your race under. Sails include tapered battens, quick adjust leech lines, sail numbers, tell tales, insignias, bags, and our exclusive Fanned Seam corner patching for the lightest and strongest corners.

Each one is computer designed and cut to insure a perfect transformation from our concept to your finished product.