Elliott / Pattison Custom Hobie & Beach Cat Sails

Hobie Cats: Racing Recuts – Class Legal and Hobie Hot!
To put new life into tired sails try one or more of these “go fasts”

Mainsail Racing Recut with new boltrope tape, new battens stops, new headboards, and new tack fittings.

Hobie 20 Jib Luff Recuts

Mainsail Window

Jib Windows: Single
Hobie 20 double windows

NACRA Cats: ELLIOTT / PATTISON CUSTOM SAILMAKERS is factory authorized for all your NACRA , INTER 20, and INTER 17 repairs.

Including, but not limited to:

Replace Mainsail Window
Single Panel Window
Double Panel Windows
Triple Panel Windows

Replace Jib Window: Single
Single Panel
Double Panel

Replace Jib Zipper

Install Spinnaker Pull Down Patches for the new E/O Snuffer

“Skip Elliott and Harry Pattison have both been heavily involved the development and promotion of multihulls since the early 1970’s.”

Beach Cats:

We offer a complete line of Racing and Recreation sails for all small Beach Cats and Multihulls in both mylar and dacron, including: Square Top Mainsails, Asymmetric Spinnakers, Screachers, and Jibs.

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