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Letters from some of our customers


Choosing a sailmaker is a scrupulous task.  It’s not only about who makes a sail and for what price.  It involves finding someone who can build the absolute best product, consult not only on the products but also on the boat and sailing in general, show you tricks of the trade and be on the team with you.  It means finding someone who gets to know you and your program and can recommend how make your goals a reality.  Elliott/Pattison Sailmakers does all of this and more.  The result is a fast boat and a lot of fun.

The most sincere words come from the competition:  how can you get that boat to point so high without loosing any speed?  -  How does that boat go so fast?  -  We can’t win if you’re out there… 

 A really good set of sails is behind all of these comments.

 Thanks Harry, for being on the team…

 Matt Kern
Discover - 65376   


Hi Harry -

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the new sails.  I have been out with them twice now, both times in about 9 - 11 kts. of wind.  the difference in power and speed is remarkable.  With the old main and jib, I had never exceeded 5.8 kts.  Both times out with the new set, even in light air like this, I hit 6.1 - 6.2., that is faster than the theoretical hull speed of the boat.  I expect to go even faster once I get better at trimming them.

 Thanks again for everything,

Richard Sandler
s/v Steleanor
Cal 20 # 534


Just to let you know, the jib you made for my Challenger 32 is FANTASTIC!!
It is good on all points of sail and it has improved the overall handling of
the boat.

I will always recommend your loft.

Ken Meyer
s/v Linda's Rose


Elliott / Pattison Sails manufactured my new suit of sails, here in America I might add. Skip Elliott himself oversaw the project and even took the time to assist my ignorant ass in getting the sails installed and showing me how all the new rigging worked (definitely not your typical sail loft). The sails are top shelf and preformed flawlessly. Equally as important was your advise and personal support for my endeavor. <Read More>
Thank you Skip!

John Thompson,
S/V Sweet Melissa


I took first place overall cruising class in the DPYC Doheny Series using your sails aboard REGGAE, my Capri 22. I thought you might want to add it to your list. That's a clean sweep for us taking first place in every race we entered this year. Thanks for a great product.

Robert Van Pelt


I wish to thank you for your prompt and professional service that you and your loft provided to me. I ordered, for a friend, a set of Nacra 6.0 sails after speaking with you. To my surprise yesterday UPS knocked on my door with a box containing the sails. Less than 2 weeks from the order. That is the best service I have received from any sailmaker. I requested information from a very well known xxxxx multihull sailmaker (the same one I purchased my last sets 4 years ago and did not even receive a reply. The truth be told 3 other sailmakers either did not reply or follow up on my requests for quotes or information. I will only do business with, and recommend your sails to other sailors from here on.

It goes without saying that the materials and workmanship were of the highest quality.

Again thank you for great service,
Elias Reynolds
Delray Beach, Florida
PS, We loved the fact that the Made in America Flag was part of your sails.


Thanks for making such fine sails available. You've almost single-handedly renewed my faith in American manufacturing!

Best Regards,
Mitch Carnes


Got it! Went sailing with it last night under the full moon, and it feels like another boat, or another hobby even. :) I was also very impressed with its quality, and very glad to see it even had tell-tales. Thank you very much for a quality product!

Raul Crisan - Montgomery 17


One picture worth thousand words !! The genoa is great !!! Great job to all EP crew !!

Catalina 36


Tried out the new sails...fantastic!  The boat was faster and seemed to be more stable (less hobby horsing).  I am very pleased.  Thanks for the info.  I am looking at a sparcraft bowsprit for the 3A. 
Best regards, Gerry  Ellis
Schock 35


 I wanted to thank you for the great sails EP has made for my Santa Cruz 27, Janina, over the past few years.  At this year�s Santa Barbara to King Harbor race, we were first in PHRF-D class, first in the PHRF fleet and 2nd overall corrected.  It was an awesome race this year and the sails were fast and worked flawlessly.  To be in the slip and packed up before midnight on a SC27 tells it all.

Thank you again,
Mark Keller
SC27, Janina


Hello Harry

We finished the Oakland Yacht clubs 2012 Winter Series in first place. I really like the sails you built for us! I am looking forward to our Race series at LYSA with our EP Sails this summer.

Thanks Again
Jerry Johnson
Capri 25, Rapture


I meant to e-mail you Wednesday when I used the 135.

It fit, looked, and performed great!  I was able to point higher than the old 135. When you made my main two years ago, I could tell the difference in the performance.  The new 135 is like the icing on the cake.  EP makes great sails!

 Just wanted to let you know you have a happy customer.




Hi Harry, Just a note to let you know how happy we are with our new sail, the Dutchman and the new reefing system.  We have made one trip out to Santa Barbara Island and three to Catalina.  The reefing system with single lines leading aft works really well along with the new cars and track.  It is so easy to reef it is almost beyond belief.  We have had rain, lightning, 30 knots of wind and tests on all points of sail.  The new main is awesome on all points.  I used to get some weather helm and I don't get that now, don't really know why but who cares, it's gone. Reefs  really well with the full battens and the Dutchman is flawless. Thanks, David




I received my Hobie 18SX sail today. I don't have a crew available today so I couldn't go out sailing but I did put in the battens and raise the sail.


It looks great.


The window is much better than the stock sail that came with the boat. It is larger and better positioned. It is actually useful.


It raises the aft end of the boom higher. This is good for two reasons.

First, it allows me to sheet in tighter. Before the blocks would touch when I pulled it in tight. Second, it is less likely to hit someone on the head when coming about. So, this is great.


The luff is longer and I can now get the bottom of the luff into the sail track. So, bonus again.


The material and workmanship look first rate. Anyway, I just wanted to write to tell you how pleased I am with the sail.


Hugh Whalen


Wanted to tell you how great the new main is for my boat, (Ericson 38 WaveWalker) looks and sails great.  Last weekend we sailed in the Tacoma Yacht Club's Summer Vashon race, went in the cruising class, won our class........must be the new sail for sure!

Marc Jorgenson

 And thanks again for making me a great new main!


The shape is very different from the XXXX. It really looks fast. Much easier to trim! All my sails are now from you. :-)

 Robert Cordero - Pearson 10M

The sail you made for me, is the best one I have ever had for Shadowfox.

Dennis Casey


ou cut a blade for my Santana 3030 a few months ago.   I've had the chance to use the sail a few times since then and I wanted to give you some feedback.  I've had this particular boat for just over a year now, and have ordered sails from two other sail makers in that time.  I've also had the chance to use a blade from "xxxxx".  The sail you cut for me is so much better than anything else I've used.  Everything about my experience with your company has been quality - from the buying process to the sail to little things like the deck bag.  You even met your promised delivery date.  

Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the quality you gave me, and I will be purchasing a few more sails from you in the near future.

Jim Casey

I just wanted to thank you for all your support to the Braveheart racing sails program over these many years. You design and build GREAT sails.

 We won the Dana Point Series this year with a 6 year old main, 2 year old Lt #1 genoa, 3 year old Hvy #1, 6 year old #2 genoa, 5 year old reaching spinnaker and 6 year old runner. You make awesome sails.

 I know you're thinking "he needs some new sails" and you are probably right, but I've always told you I need sails that will go 5 years competitively on the local scene. You have always respected that direction and have more than accomplished what my needs and desires were. I can only say that there aren't enough guys like you around anymore. I really appreciate it.

 Lance McCabe
J130 Braveheart


On behalf of  my partner and the crew of TAXI, thank you for a great job on our new sails. Last night TAXI went out for the first time this spring, and the first time with all EP sails. We led at every mark and won comfortably.

Now, while there are may aspect to winning a sailboat race, our EP sails were certainly one. Yet not only were they fast out of the box, they came well before the season's start, they measured in with no issues, and they went up without a hitch. It is all these other little things, your attention to all the details, that makes buying a EP sail so satisfying. As I heard one of my crew say while putting the sails away last night, "Finally here's a sailmaker that cares enough to give us a sail bag big enough to put the damn sail in!" Because of all these little things, in addition to effectiveness of your product, that TAXI thanks you and your team.

Ron Myszkowski
Capri 25 #407


Got to sail the new main in San Diego last weekend...love it!  Thanks so much. We were working upwind passing everything in sight, including a lot of much bigger boats!

Sean, 'Jo and Bosun
M23 "Dauntless"