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Capri 30 Discover        J130 Sirocco
PowerPath Main and Genoa                     PowerPath Carbon AP #1 and GPL Carbon Tri-radial Mainsail

  J109 "Electra"                 J105 "Triple Play"
2013 SD Yachting Cup Winner            2013 SD Yachting Cup Winner

1st place Multihulls - Delta Ditch 2013

"Skedaddle" Merit 25         Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 49
photo by:

SC50 "Flaca" D4 Main     Rip Tide 35 "Teremoto!" Code 2A
Trans Pac Start - 2011

  Mumm 30 Code 0               Mumm 36 D4 Main

Antrim 40 "XL"                  "XL" Big Boat Series

Osprey                               F31 - Carbon It Mainsail

  "Hitchhiker"                      "Reggae"
1st Class C Overall-2011 Berger Series     1st Overall 2011 Dana Point Leukemia Cup - Cruising Class

"Run Away"                    "Fame" Dennis Conner's
Spencer 36 - Guadalupe Island Race      Beautifully restored 100 year old schooner     

"Ragtime"                      "Ragtime"
White Island Race                                  Sydney Hobart Race

 "Rock On!!"                   J33 LoadPath Genoa
FT 10M LoadPath Main & C2A                                       and Dacron Race Main    

  "Performance 35"         "Performance 35"
Sq. Top Load Main and Jib                     Afternoon sail in Norway

"Boomerang"                   Reynolds 33
Carbon/Aramid Load Path #1                Carbon/Aramid Load Path Main and Screacher

  "XL"                                 "XL

"Ragtime"                       J105 "Invisible"

Cal 40 "Calisto"               Capri 25 Class Champion "Consensus"                          
Trans Pac 2005
ILC 40 D4 Mainsail          Astor

J130 "Braveheart"             Braveheart Asymmetric

Tera's XL                            J109 "Shikinah"                       
                           at Diamond Head                                          Code 2 Asymmetric

pict1.jpg (229103 bytes)  Andrew's 70 "Vicki"           pict2.JPG (335023 bytes)      Santa Cruz 70 "Holua"

pict3.JPG (402642 bytes)  N/M 25 "Easy Go"             Skip2.bmp (1368470 bytes)   Skip Elliott at full speed

pict5.jpg (149404 bytes)  N/M 30 "Invincible"            purgatory.jpg (14817 bytes)    Morrelli 51 "Purgatory"

Joels_Boat.jpg (43001 bytes)  Catalina 36 "Stagecraft"     thunder.JPG (200521 bytes)    Andrews 26 "Thunderbox"

diva.JPG (193849 bytes)   Farr 30 "Diva"                   woodeye.JPG (36941 bytes)     Mair 30 "Wood Aye"

Mvc-017s.jpg (56990 bytes)   New Bravura 29                 anacapa-cruise.jpg (73366 bytes)    From Mike Harris, cruising to
                                                                                                        Anacapa and Santa Cruz Islands

jt1.jpg (38804 bytes)   JEANTEX USA ILC 40         Monique Carbon Mainsail

 Braveheart Carbon #1             Braveheart Code 2 Asymmetric

BellyDancer and Incorrigible      Reynolds 33
                           round 1st and 2nd at J Fest

  Reynolds 33 Code 1                Reynolds 33 Upwind

J109 "Shekinah"                       "Iantha"

J109 "Good Gybrations"       Columbia 30