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   Cruising Sail Specifications and Features

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Cruising and recreational sailing are the broadest areas of the sailing market, and therefore the most important part of our business. Meeting the concerns and needs of the person who sails for the pure thrill and enjoyment of our sport ranks #1 with us!

Performance....recreational sailing? You might wonder how the two fit together, but fit they do. Properly shaped and constructed sails don't just mean getting you around the race course a few seconds faster than the next guy. Sails designed to do that perform better because they produce more forward momentum and less heeling force. They are lighter, easier to handle, and hold their designed shape over a wider range of conditions. All of these factors are direct benefits for any sailor, and all of the things we learn on the race course go directly into all the sails we build.

We have developed our entire line of cruising and recreational sails with ease of use and longevity in mind. Whether you are looking for roller furling or roller reefing headsails, standard or full batten mains, or highly efficient and easy to use asymmetrical spinnakers; we have the sails to fit your style. Each one carefully computer crafted and cut, then finished to last you for years to come.

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