Our CUSTOM OFFSHORE line of mainsails are designed and crafted for the serious open ocean sailor looking superior quality and durability.
  • Cross Cut sails in tightly woven dacron fabrics for long life and ease of handling.
  • Tri-Radial Sails in Spectra and Cruising laminates for lighter weight with superior shape holding and strength.
  • Seams sewn with 4 step zig zag stitching.
  • Leech wedge reinforcements on each seam.
  • All stainless steel corner hardware with webbing load tapes.
  • Standard items include one row of reef points, cunningham, bag, leech line, tell tales, battens, insignia, and numbers.
  • Full length top batten or optional Full battens.
  • Available with standard or loose foot.

PLUS ....

  • Heavy double tapes on luff, leech, and foot.
  • Luff wedge reinforcements for each sail slide.
  • Up and over leech lines as needed.
  • Shroud chafe protection on batten pockets.
  • Leather and webbing chafe protection at slides and corners as needed.
  • "Dog Bone" stainless steel rings webbed through luff reefs.
  • Offshore Sails built to get you there and back!
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