MVC SPINNAKERS               
Maximum VMG Cruising Spinnakers
In either our "Offshore" tri-radial, or "Weekender" panel configuration.
  • Designed with shorter foot and wider mid-girth to provide maximum projected area and stability for fast, comfortable downwind sailing. They can be sailed      efficiently 10 to 15 degrees lower than conventional cruising spinnakers.
  • Asymmetric in both profile and cross-sectional shape for a sail that flies easily.
  • Easy to use ... no spinnaker pole or topping lift. All you need are a couple of sheets, a spare halyard, and the desire for some fun downwind sailing.
  • Sails like a genoa with both sheets on the clew. Gybing is as easy as heading the boat downwind, easing the sheet, and trimming in on the other side.
  • Add a spinnaker sleeve and it can be set, flown, and doused easily and safely  with just 2 people on board.
  • Great for personalizing with your own custom logo or design.
  • Perfect for Corporate Advertising.
  • Downwind sailing made FAST and FUN!

COLOR Your Spinnaker

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