CUSTOM MAINSAILS               

Our CUSTOM line of mainsails are carefully designed and crafted for the serious sailor looking for top quality and value in a sail that will last for seasons to come.
  • All seams are sewn with 2 or 3 rows of triple step zig zag.
  • Tightly woven dacron fabrics carefully selected to match each sail's characteristics and requirements.
  • Leech wedge reinforcements on the end of each seam.
  • All corner rings reinforced with webbing load straps.
  • Includes one row of reef points, flattening reef, cunningham, leech line sail numbers, class insignia, tell tales, battens,  bag.
  • Full length top batten for extended durability and ease of use.
  • May be finished with either standard or loose foot.
  • "Offshore Finish" available for the finest in true World Cruising.

  • Performance Mains that Last!

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