Please read all the following instructions before making your selection.
You will need to unzip the download file. If you don't have an unzip program you can download a fully functional demo copy, or buy a permanent copy, by clicking "Here"

Select the correct spinnaker for your boat by clicking in the diagram below that matches your J measurement.

1. When the File Download dialog box opens, select "Open this file from it's current location"

2. Unzip the file and open it in your Windows paint program (this will happen automatically on many computers), or any other graphics program you like.

3. In your paint program select the "Dropper" tool    and click it on the color from our palette that you want.

4. Then select the "Fill with Color" tool    and click it in each panel you want to color.

5. To change colors, re-select the Dropper and pick a new color from the palette.

6. BE CAREFUL NOT to click on a new color on the palette while you still have the Fill tool selected. This will fill that box with the color you are currently using. If it does happen you can select "Edit" from the upper menu bar, and then "Undo"

7. You can save the file after you color it in and email it to us. In the email please give us the name of each color used.



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