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Beach Cats

  Welcome to our Hobie and Beach Cat page!

Hobie Cats:     Racing Recuts - Class Legal and Hobie Hot!
To put new life into tired sails try one or more of these "go fasts"

  • Mainsail Racing Recut with new boltrope tape, new battens
         stops, new headboards, and new tack fittings.                          $250.00

  • Hobie 20 Jib Luff Recuts                                                               $125.00

  • Mainsail Window                                                                           $55.00   

  • Jib Windows:  Single                                                                      $55.00
                           Hobie 20 double windows                                       $80.00


NACRA Cats:       Elliott / Pattison Sailmakers is factory authorized for all
     your NACRA , INTER 20, and INTER 17 repairs. Including, but not limited to:

  • Replace Mainsail Window                                                            $75.00
                 Single Panel Window                                                     $110.00
                 Double Panel Windows                                                  $180.00
                 Triple Panel Windows                                                    $250.00

  • Replace Jib Window:     Single                                                     $55.00
                                         Double                                                      $60.00
    Single Panel                                            $100.00
    Double Panel                                          $160.00

  • Replace Jib Zipper                                                                        $95.00                   

  • Install Spinnaker Pull Down Patches for the new E/O Snuffer      $95.00


Beach Cats:       We offer a complete line of Racing and Recreation sails for
   all small Beach Cats and Multihulls in both mylar and dacron, including:  
   Square Top Mainsails, Asymmetric Spinnakers, Screachers, and Jibs.


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