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Help... I can't point!  


I wish I had a dollar for every time I've heard that over my career. It is by far the concern most often expressed by people looking for help. So let's take a look at tips, tricks, and what it takes to get your boat sailing its best upwind.


We'll start by skipping the most obvious, blown out sails. While these can certainly have a large effect on your performance, if they are the problem there is only one solution... replacing them. So the most basic answer as far as we are concerned for this article, and really the only answer, is understanding what things on a boat you can do to improve performance, and then implementing them in a controlled manner where you can verify the results.


I start by asking the person "What do you think are the two most important things you can do to improve your pointing", and usually I get an answer that is mostly a blank stare and something mumbled about never having really thought about it. After teaching and coaching for over 30 years I can tell you that by far the answers for most people are straight forward; trimming the main leech tighter and doing a much better job concentrating on their driving! And concentration is the most important. The biggest percentage of people that have trouble point simply don't point their boat high enough, often enough. As I heard a competitor say once a long time ago, "If you aren't pointing high enough, just push the tiller away from you", and for far too many people that is answer.


Ventus Navigator  


I get the opportunity to sail on a lot of different boats and one thing I find in common with most of them is the inability to get accurate performance data. Really good instrument systems are very expensive; systems that can be accurately calibrated for your whole range of sailing conditions are going to cost $15000.00 and up and even then getting the data you want to the crew who need it is not easy.  


So I wanted something that would accomplish two things; I wanted a solution that would deliver accurate data while driving, trimming, or navigating, and I wanted a solution that was easily affordable and easy to install. Luckily the power to provide the data and the calibration that is need is available through Expedition Navigation Software. 

Expedition has the ability to do all the calculations and the calibrations that you find in the top end instrument race processors today. You can build really good calibration tables to correct for all the things that low and middle priced instrument packages don't do, and get every kind of performance and course data you can think of.



Recent Race Results 

Santa Barbara / King Harbor 
1st ULDB B, 1st Overall: "Flying Dutchman" Jason Herring 
3rd ULDB B "Flaca" Paul Casanova
1st Class D "Janina" Mark Keller
2nd Class D "Celebrity" Jerry Finnegan

Single Handed Transpac 

1st 30 Something Class, 2nd Overall: "Slacker" Whitall Stokes


Ensenada Race - 17 Top Finishers!  


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Best Pricing of the Year! 

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