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October 2011
Sail Sense
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Balance Your Boat 

The basis for tuning a boat starts with an understanding of what it is you are trying to accomplish. While many one design classes publish tuning guides the top sailors realize that those guides are merely starting points and have to be adjusted to fit individual boats, sails, and even the way that different people sail.  


The basis for tuning your boat should start with balancing the boat. This means having your sailplan balanced with your hull shape or having the Center of Effort of your sails (the CE) in line with the Center of Lateral Resistance (CLR) of the your hull. This gives you a neutral helm because you don't have to have the rudder turned one way of the other to keep the boat going straight and the associated drag that causes.


The balance will change on different points of sails and in different wind speeds so it is necessary to set your boat up to match the predominate conditions you sail in, and understand the changes you can make to correct for it in different conditions
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Thoughts on the 2011 Capri 25 Nationals 


I spent three days at Wayzata Yacht Club in September for the Capri 25 National Championship, one day doing tuning seminars and two days observing the regatta. It is always interesting and informative to observe regattas, to see the differences in sail trim and tactics.


The biggest difference I saw in sail trim was in how mainsails were set. Even though in the tuning seminars I had coached people on keeping the boom up on centerline and the leech tight enough to trim the back end of the top batten parallel with the boom, I was surprised to see how few people did that. The Capri 25 has a fairly big overlapping genoa and a relative small mainsail so when sailing upwind the main is much more of a trailing edge flap for the headsail than in many boats. You can sheet the main quite hard without stalling the telltales on the upper leech because of the amount of air that is being forced over it from the genoa.

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Osprey2Pacific NW Multihull Championship
"Osprey" 2nd Place 
Choose Your Spinnaker 


Spinnakers fall into three broad categories; Racing Asymmetric, Racing Symmetric, and Cruising. In each of those there are different options depending on the intended conditions, both wind speed and wind angle, which you want to use the sail in.


Let's start with a basic understanding of how spinnakers are designated, what the "codes" mean. Even number sails are running sails, designed for use when you are trying to sail as deep as possible or when the course dictates sailing at an apparent wind angle greater than 90 degrees.  Odd number sails are reaching sails, generally designed to be used with apparent wind angles of 90 degrees or less. The higher the number, the more wind they are made for. The exception to this is the Code 0 which is designed for extremely tight reaching and will be made with the minimum mid-girth allowed to still be a legal spinnaker.


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