Skip Elliott and Harry Pattison have both been heavily involved the development and promotion of multihulls since the early 1970's.  In fact, both owe the early existence of their saillofts to that growing market. 

After being involved with the design, development, and production of the first 60 Prindle 16's, Harry left Taylor Made Sails and started Pattison Sail Design in conjunction with Surfglas Inc. There he produced all the Prindle sails for the next 8 years until his growing custom sail business led to helping Surfglas set up their own production facility.


After starting his own loft in 1971 Skip Elliott quickly affiliated himself with Tom Rowland and the new NACRA Class Association.  He built their first sails, and has continued to this day with production of the NACRA and Inter 20 sails. Besides the time spent in the various NACRA Classes he has also spent years of sail development and competitive sailing in the International Tornado Class, A Class, C Class, and D Class Catamarans.

Developing sails for the high performance catamarans has led the way for today for working with many large multihulls. We are very active in Reynolds 33 and the many Farrier classes as well as doing sails for such boats as the Corsair 50, Hughes 65 and Hughes 50, Conser 47 and many large Catana cats.