PowerPath Membrane MainSails
  Our PowerPath Membrane Sails offer the lightest weight and best shape holding of any sails on the market. Individually designed specifically for your boat and your conditions the membranes are laminated with yarns following the load trajectories for each sail to support the designed shape over a wider range of conditions with less weight. We utilize a base Mylar film with X-Ply yarns to give better flex life and stability, then custom laminate in a variety of yarn types depending on your needs to produce the finest sail you can buy.

   Yarn Laying     mainsail-1    main-2

PowerPath Membrane sails are available in a wide variety of construction types to match your needs. They can be built with Carbon, Aramid, Black Aramid, Vectran, or polyester fiber, and can be built with external Mylar films (standard or UV) or with either external taffetas on each side, external taffeta on one side, or with an internal single taffeta.

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